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Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services are offered by Balloons by Sharon J, LLC?


Balloons by Sharon J offers flowers and balloon decor services and products for parties, corporate events, showers, and more which can be viewed at


We also have partner companies that offer special event space and prop rentals. Visit

How do I order inflated balloon decor vs. un-inflated balloon packages/kits?


Our ordering process is simple. For inflated balloon decor, please visit and select Order Request Form tab and fill out the form completely. Someone will be in touch to confirm your order details and provide you with an order quote.


For bulk packages of un-inflated Qualatex balloons or our un-inflated balloon kits, please visit our Products tab on this site, add desired products to cart, and complete the secure online checkout.

Do you sell helium tanks?


We do not currently offer helium tanks for purchase; however, helium tanks can be added for rent on orders in the metro Atlanta area.

How long will my balloons last?

Duration is determined by environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, as well as whether the balloons are filled with helium or air. A standard 11″ helium-filled, latex balloon typically has around an 8-10 hour lifespan, however, applying a special treatment to the balloons prior to inflation can extend float times from three to seven days. Air-filled balloons can last for days, even weeks, given the right circumstances, but will begin to oxide after a few hours. Mylar (foil) balloons normally last three to seven days. Larger balloons will last slightly longer than standard-sized balloons.

*Please note that these lifespan estimates are not guarantees for our products, but rather estimates based on our experience in the balloon industry.

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